Street Art Walks

Behind-the-scenes TLV Street Art & Graffiti insider walk, led by the Artists themselves.

Street Art Partner is proud to offer fun and exciting Graffiti / Street Art walk in Tel Aviv. Our Tel Aviv graffiti tours are located in the heart of Florentin - our base, our HQ, and our home. So what makes us different? We chose only a handful of the best guides, renowned street artists themselves, to bring you into this special world of art - from an insider perspective.

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You'll learn about when the graffiti artists paint, if it is legal, who some of the street artists are (*although some wish to remain anonymous, and we will respect that), a history of the art, and what materials are used to create the art.



Every single guide is a street artist, one that other graffiti walks talk about - but you will hear from the artists themselves. This allows us to ***fight gentrification and keep our artists right here in our community!!*** This is what makes us different.


Our street art walks are bespoke - that is to say that they are tailored to YOU and YOUR group. Whether you are interested in history, styles, politics, international graffiti artists, local artists, or more contemporary work, we focus on the parts that interest you - and equip you with a deep understanding of the street art scene here. The best part? We encourage you to not only be a spectator, but to flex your art muscle and learn from our artistguides how to spray - and create a beautiful piece you can bring home with you. 

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We recently teamed up with 2 world famous Street & Gallery Artists to offer a graffiti workshop to you and your group. Think you're not an artist? Think again. Wherever you are in your art journey, the workshop will bring you up a level and teach you how to engage with this healing and meditative medium. (** For more details click on the "Workshops" tab **). 

Although it is perfectly acceptable to only do a walk and leave full of knowledge, we encourage you to take advantage of your time with these artists to express yourself as unique individual, and to engage in this fun, exhilarating medium - and leave with a beautiful piece of art you can keep with you forever. 


*Artist led Street Art Walks are in high demand, and limited to ensure unmatched quality. Regardless of party size, book ASAP to guarantee a place :) *

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Walk duration: 2 hours

100 NIS - Adult

75 NIS - 16 & Under

*Available in English, Hebrew, Russian and French

*discounts for groups 10 or more, or combined walk + workshop