Graffiti Workshops

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Your chance to participate! 1.5 Hour group Graffiti Workshop from an internationally acclaimed Graffiti artist:

We recently teamed up with 2 world famous Street and Gallery Artists to offer a tailored graffiti workshop to you and your group. Think you're not an artist? Think again! Wherever you are in your art journey, from complete beginner to selling artist, we will bring you up a level and teach you how to engage with this healing, meditative, thrilling, rebellious, and playful medium. 

We encourage you to take advantage of your time with these artists to express yourself as a unique individual, and to engage in a fun, exhilarating, thrilling medium - and leave with a piece of art - created by you - that you can keep and cherish forever. 

We've noticed that - especially after a graffiti/ street art walk - many people desire to hold the can themselves, to hear the "Shpshiiiii" of the spray paint, to smell the distinct scent of renegade freedom that is the soul of graffiti, and to experience the rush themselves.

*Available in English, Hebrew, Russian, and French*

200 NIS per

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Located in the heart of Florentin, Tel Aviv's bustling Graffiti & Arts Center.