We started out with a mission to make the walls come alive. It's happening, and it's happening here. In no particular order, we present:

Artist: Imaginary Duck  "I.D."

"I.D." is a renowned and prolific artist, with close to 600 pieces around the city. Her work is done with spirit and in the moment - created not in the confines of a studio, but right there with a can in hand and a wall in front. Much of her work is site-specific and deeply incorporates the unique physical elements of the spot where it is created.

Imaginary Duck has been featured in museums such as the The Negev Museum of Art and in various books such as Les Murs du confinement: Street art et Covid-19 and others. She is a creative legend.


Imaginary Duck



Artist: Shir Lamdan

What can we even say? The work speaks for itself. His talent is only matched by his creativity. Shir takes you into another world, with work that leaves you thinking about it months or years later. 

Shir studied at the Da Vinci Institute and La Massana School of Arts in Barcelona, and has been featured  in respected exhibitions such as Popup Museum TLV 1&2. He has murals across the world in Israel, Macedonia, Uruguay, etc. and his pieces have been reproduced and published by leading magazines and newspapers such as "Time Out" and "Haaretz".



Artist: Revzzz

Eli Revzin (Revzzz) is the multidisciplinary artist and designer who created Florentin's most famous bear, amongst other great works. He is a master of the technical, creating art using 3D printers, laser cutters, and any other modern cutting-edge machines and tools he can get his hands on. The work is a mix of old school paint and sticker with new school advanced design and machinery. 




Artist: KUSH

KUSH is probably the most prolific street artist in Tel Aviv. The artist's work retains all the grit of an OG writer, with a panache and style unique only to them. It is not possible to visit Tel Aviv and not see their work. This dominant up and comer is rising fast - like Elon Musk rocket fast. Now with pieces in Berlin and Amsterdam, this international artist is an inspiration to many and an annoyance to plenty. We love KUSH. 



Artist: Monkey RMG

MonkeyRMG has such a unique style. With his signature psychedelic face and characters, he is instantly recognizable anywhere in the city. He has appeared in exhibitions such as The Imperial Hotel Wonderland and others, and although most of his work is done in spray paint, he also creates paste-ups and other art forms that wow us daily. 



Artist: KLO

Artist: X Street Art

Artist: Stepa Aifo


Artist: BadGoat ‏עז-רע




In Progress

 *We're in the process of building out this list of magnificent new Street Art Partners. Please be patient with us as we grow organically and build up sustainably. *


Global Street Art Partners:

Paris: Romain Jungle

Romain Jungle takes us away from a street heavy vibe and into a more playful style of Street Art. Renowned for the wonderful blasts of color and signature style, Romain Jungle is as respected here in Tel Aviv as in Paris. 

Romain Jungle

Romain Jungle

Romain Jungle


*if you are an artist and want to become a StreetArtPartner contact us today. We'd love to hear from you.